Hunab show in Denver! – 03.20.13

Straight out of Iowa City, IA, the music of Hunab is a culmination of Jam-psychedelic rock-reggae-funk-fusion. Expect their compositions to be lengthy and genre-spanning.

Since the formation of Hunab in the winter of 2006, the band has quickly established itself as a professional touring act in the Midwest. Hunab is drawing an ever more regional fan base after an exciting summer of numerous festival appearances, including the 10,000 Lakes Festival, Wakarusa, Harvest Fest, Solstice Shakedown, Dogstock, and Bela Luna. Following the release of their album, Random Coincidences, Hunab has been working hard to spread their music and their vibe, taking hard to the streets and festival lots handing out thousands of demo cds. One can expect high energy and constant grooves at a Hunab show. With their music spanning a wide range of sounds and genres, Hunab is known as the hungriest band in Iowa City and are out working hard to share the vibe.